The Life Ursus project

  • lifeursus.jpgThe birth of KIARA is further evidence of Garda Cartiere's commitment for years towards the environment. This company has chosen to respect Nature and has done so by complying with the most advanced European regulations in terms of environmental protection. But it has gone well beyond: investing in the territory and opening a dialogue with all those who work and live there.
  • That's how in 1999 Garda Cartiere joined Adamello Brenta Natural Park in the Life Ursus project, co-operating for the diffusion nationwide of this important project through the publication of books, brochures and advertising pages. The Life Ursus project, promoted and supported by the Environmental Body of the Trentino Region, made it possible to reintroduce brown bears in the Trentino Dolomites; this operation started back in 1997, with the approval of INFS (Istituto nazionale per la fauna selvatica - the Italian Institute for Wildlife), the support of Trento and considerable subsidies from the European Union.

    Brown bears - considered by an EC directive as a species requiring priority attention - had virtually disappeared from North-western Alps. Today, thanks to the Life Ursus project, bears are back in the Adamello Brenta mountains. The first ten specimens were imported in small groups, starting from 1999, from the reserves of Southern Slovenia; others were born on site some years after, following the normal course of nature. Our little KIARA was born in February 2005.