Utopia Book


Cartiere del Garda, part of the Lecta Group, launches Utopia, a new conceptual book which contains suggestive visions and reflections on Utopia applied to six interpretations: Ecology, Art, Architecture, Politics, Religion and Science. A book that interrogates itself on the dimension of the historical phenomenon of Utopia and on its contemporary location and which, thanks to its strong images, brings the reader to deep reflections.

Utopia is an 84 pages paperback, 20x26cm, that contains a series of high quality photographs and various special processes, amongst which relief glossy silk screen varnish, fluorescent colors, flocking etc. For an excellent output, each of the book's six chapters is printed on one of the papers of Cartiere del Garda's "Excellent Collection" with, for the first time, a section dedicated to the Condat matt Périgord paper produced by Condat (Lecta Group).

The editorial project is associated to a responsive design website in which one can leaf through a preview of the book and order it.

With this book, Cartiere del Garda shows once again how the uniqueness of high quality paper combined with valuable contents can convey emotions through a unique sensorial and intellectual experience.